A fantastic Forex Trading course for new or struggling Traders. In this course you will learn everything you need to know to make consistent profits Trading the Forex markets





Trading the Forex markets is an incredibly rewarding way to make a living. As a Forex Trader you do not have to worry about, staff, stock, or employer, you truly are the master of your own destiny. You can trade from anywhere in the world, and on a schedule that suits you. This is not a get rich quick scheme and it will take a little bit of hard work, but I promise you, if you are dedicated, you can make this work! 

I have traded the Forex the markets since 2005 and in that time I have developed a very simple set of rules that allows even beginners to identify high probability trading opportunities. This is not a game of certainties and you will not make money on every trade, however with my proprietary trading strategies you will make money more often than not and you will come out ahead, if you follow the rules.

This Forex Trading course is suitable for new and struggling traders alike. Not only do I teach you the foundations of what moves the markets and how to avoid losses, but I also teach you my very own trading strategies that I use to make money from these markets. When you enrol in the course, you will take a major step towards success as a Forex Trader and you will finally be able to start taking money out of your trading account.


This is very much an interactive course, it begins with online video  instruction where I take you through the foundations of the markets we trade and show you the strategies that we use to make our profits.

This part can be  viewed at your leisure and is available for you to keep, so you can refer back to it at any point in the future. 

In addition to the videos you will also have the opportunity to join me on live webinars where I will show you how these strategies work in the real markets, giving you the ability to see everything that you have learnt put into action, which ultimately will help you build confidence.

These webinars will also be uploaded onto the members portal, to form an archive of live trading examples that you can constantly go back to and learn from.

You see... everything I  am going to teach you, I do myself and I am more than happy for you to see me put all of the strategies into action in the live markets.




We will start off by looking at the foundation information you need to know in order to Trade the Forex markets successfully. You will learn what actually drives the markets and how it is that we can take advantage it to generate consistent profits from our trading.



In this portion of the course we will take a deep dive into the charting platform that we use to identify trading opportunities and manage our trades. We will look at all of the core functions contained within the platform that you will need  to trade successfully. 

In addition to the charting platform we will also look at the various Forex broker options that are available to you and how you can go about finding the right one for you.



This is where it starts to get good. Once we have covered some of the more basic areas associated with your trading, we can start to look at the areas that are going to dictate what trades you end up taking and why. You will get a firm grounding technical analysis and the tools that the professionals use to identify and manage their trades.



Once you understand what drives price and have had your grounding in technical analysis & price action, we can look at the strategies that allow us to generate consistent profits from our trading. You will learn a fantastic, battle tested strategy, that is easy to learn and execute in the live markets.

The strategy is perfect for new or struggling traders and can be applied to both short term day trading time frames, as well as the longer term swing trading or trend following time frames.



This is probably the topic that most if not all new traders try their best to ignore. What they don’t know is that this is in fact the most important aspect of their trading that they will need to master to have long term success. We will discuss the classic problems that all traders face, as well as going into detail about what practical things you can do to overcome them.



Not the sexiest topic in the world, but an important one all the same. In this section of the course we will discuss the various different approaches to risk management and what you must to ensure you have long term success. We will also discuss how you go about increasing your bank and hence trade size.


I have saved the best for last. You see this is not just any other Forex trading course, and I am not just any other Trader offering education. I do what I teach day in day out, and in my course I want you to see me do just that. I want you to be able to see the strategies that I teach you on this course, working and making us money in the real, live markets.

That is why when you sign up to my Step-By-Step Forex Trading course, you will also get access to 4 Live Webinars, where I will be trading Forex markets and putting my strategies to work in front of your very eyes. You can even follow along with my trades and make some money too if you like.

The point is, there is a popular saying that those who can do, and those who can’t teach, and while that might be true of many, it is not of me. I am going to prove this to you, when I trade the Forex markets live in front of you. After all there is no better way to build confidence in a strategy than to see it working in real time.

I don’t teach you theoretical strategies that I have just read somewhere on the internet like many do. I do this stuff day in day out and when you join me on this course I am going to show you exactly how! 


You are going to learn professional, battle tested concepts and proprietary trading strategies that will help you to generate consistent profits 




Master Technical Analysis

Discover The Most Profitable Price Patterns

Trade A Consistent & Profitable-Strategy

Join 4 Live Trading Webinars

Receive Unlimited Support





Master Technical Analysis

Discover The Most Profitable Price Patterns

Trade A Consistent & Profitable-Strategy

Join 4 Live Trading Webinars

Receive Unlimited Support



You have to take plenty of risks in life and this course should NOT be one of them. For that reason I will give you a FULL refund on your purchase if within 7 days of accessing the members portal you decide that Forex trading is not for you and you have NOT viewed in part or in full any of the strategy videos contained within the course. This means you can checkout the main bulk of the content before you have to commit to the purchase. I can’t say fairer than that now can? 🙂