Learn This Simple Effective Price Action Strategy

I have created a short strategy guide that details a very simple and effective Price Action strategy, that takes advantage of the way that "Large Order Traders" are forced to conduct their business.

This strategy will allow you to spot false breakouts and ride on the coat tails of the "Large Order Traders". I previously sold this strategy for £199, but today I am going to give it to you for FREE


Learn how Hedge Funds and big Institutions create false markets to trap traders and generate profits 

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"I would definitely recommend the course and signal service to anyone interested in making a second or even first income. In the short time it has been live I’ve found it to be the easiest way of achieving this"




Let Me Show You Exactly How To Make Money Trading 

I have been a Trader for over 15 years and in that time I have seen Tsunamis, Financial Crisis, Recessions, Earthquakes and most recently a Global Health Pandemic. I have seen friends go through the trauma of losing their jobs or businesses, as they are all dependent in one way or another on the economy and the confidence of the consumer. 

At the end of the day if the consumer doesn’t want to spend money, then businesses suffer, and if businesses suffer so do their employees. Do you see the vicious cycle here? 

For that reason I am ever grateful that I possess a skill that insulates me from this uncertainty. Of course there are no guarantees with anything and I do have losing streaks, but what makes me different is the fact that I am the master of my own future. I don’t have to worry about employee’s, stock, an employer or even the economy. 

As a Trader I have the ability to make money in any situation and from anywhere I wish. I started out as a Forex Trader but later added Stocks and Sports to my portfolio, and today I want to help you gain the same level of control over your life and your future as I have.

I am not saying that this is the easiest way to make money, and you almost certainly will experience some challenging times, but what I am saying is that if you allow me to teach you my strategies for making money as a Trader, you will possess a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life, and you will no longer be at the mercy of things that you do not control.

Whether you are interested in Trading Football, Forex or Stocks I have you covered! Each market has its own benefits and drawbacks, and ultimately you will need to decide which one suits your situation best. But what I can tell you is that I have a track record in all three, and I am confident that I can help you achieve success in each or all of them! 


All Of My Courses Contain Proven Strategies For Making Money Trading



"Step-By-Step Forex” is a fantastic course for new or struggling traders.

Not only will you learn institutional style technical analysis techniques, but you will also learn an extremely effective and profitable Forex Trading Strategy that will allow you to make money from the Forex markets with a level of consistency you probably didn’t think was possible.

This is not one of those courses that teach all theory and no practical application. I teach you the strategies that I use everyday to Trade the Forex markets. I even show you how they work live in the markets when you join me on the live webinars that you will get access to when you enrol. 

You will learn everything that you need to be successful trading the Forex markets (even if you have never traded before). 

If you have been trying to make a success of your Forex trading for a while, this is the moment and the course you have been waiting for.

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"The Price Action Trading Course” is a great course for the more advanced trader who is looking to really understand Price Action and how to make money trading chart patterns.

This is not a course that simply teaches price patterns and the theory behind them. I go into great detail on the psychology behind certain price patterns and explain exactly what these price patterns tell us about the markets next move. 

I teach the most effective Price Action patterns for the various different market conditions, which ensures that no matter what type of market it is that you are trading in, you will have a way to make money. 

If you are looking for a course that will really teach you how to make money trading Candlestick patterns and Price Action, then look no further, this is the course for you.

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"The Complete Football Trader” is the perfect course for every budding football trader.

Whether you a raving football fan, or you have never seen a football match in your life, you can make money trading the football markets.

My strategies are based on numbers and statistics which means literally anyone can do it.

The fantastic thing about trading sports is that you can define your trading times and schedule, even if you only have 60 minutes a week to dedicate to your trading, you can make money.

This course assumes no prior knowledge of football or trading, I take you from the very basics all the way through to effective income generating strategies.

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